Labelling Requirements


Name & Address of the Responsible Person
Product name
Ingredient list (inci)
Period after opening (PAO)
Batch code
Function of production
Volume e.g. 50ml e 1.7fl.oz

** if no retail box then the ingredient list must be stated on the product label.

In more detail:

For cosmetic products being sold within the EU, the following information must be included on the label or packaging;

What the product is
A batch number so the product can be identified. The batch number is based on the invoice number, therefore, this will be provided when order is placed.
The period after opening to indicate how long the product can be kept. The expiry date not needed as the shelf life of all our products is 30 months.
The inci must be in the language of the country it is being sold in.

Closed container: 12months PAO
Open container (Jar): 6 Months PAO

All of our skincare products have a shelf life of 3 years if they are stored properly and remain unopened.

The nominal net weight
Safety warnings
The name & address of the Company or Responsible Person that the product is being sold under. The RP (responsible party) can be a person if you are a sole prop. brand or your company name. It should be whomever your portal notifications are named under.
An ingredients list (INCI) in decreasing order of weight (the ingredients for each product are displayed in this manner on our product summaries)
The Country of origin, for products imported into the EU.

Additional Information:

Please Note: Your manufacturer (mfr) and all formulae are safety assessed and registered under license of "PB Ltd/ Cheshire/SK104SY UK".

Should you be contacted by a government official asking for your manufacturer/safety assessment proof then you would need to direct them to us and we will make sure they have the info they need.

You are NOT legally required to show any member of the public (this includes stockists) with proof of assessments and we will not surrender this info to the general public because of it's sensitive nature and the containment of our trade formulae. This information legally only has to be surrendered by official request by a relevant govt authority.

You do not need COA or MSDS for any of these products because you are not a manufacturer. This is information stored by your manufacturer and their safety assessor and not required for a white label/private brand to possess. You are not changing a product but rather reselling/relabelling a finished product.

Bath bombs and any small products do not require ingredients labels. As long as the information on use and ingredients are posted at the point of sale (whether that be a website and/or physical store/market).

Due to the different languages and terms used across the EU, there are regulations on how certain types of ingredients must be displayed;

Ingredients have to follow a standard terminology so there is consistency between different brands and this is set in the International Nomenclature for Cosmetics Ingredients (INCI). All INCI names can be found on the product summaries on our website on each product page.
‘Parfum’ can be used to indicate the presence of a perfume
‘Aroma’ can be used to indicate the presence of a flavour [lip products]
For ingredients that are in concentrations of less than 1%, they can be listed in any order after all other ingredients
If there is an addition of a fragrance there may be allergens that are associated with these. Allergens must clearly be stated on the product.
Common names may be used eg. water, as detailed in the European Pharmacopoeia but are not needed